Anitha K.

My primary research interest is centered on the understanding of spatial organization of plant communities in tropical forest ecosystems. I have been associating with studies addressing the spatial organization of plant communities along various altitudinal, climatic and disturbance gradients. My focal research area includes phytodiversity assessment, pollination studies and phenological studies. I have a special interest in studying the ecology as well as phenology of mass flowering Strobilanthes spp. Apart from this I have hands on experience in advanced technical tools like decision tree classifier for remote sensing data, stochastic and agent based models for land cover change and ecological niche modelling for endemic and threatened species. 
I have been associated with Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology and Natural History (MoEF, Government of India) as a research fellow. I also served as a visiting scientist at the world’s largest data centre ‘Earth Resources Observation and Science Centre (EROS), United States Geological Survey where I have assisted in a Global mangrove mapping project.

Recent publications:

Anitha K, Shijo Joseph, E.V.Ramasamy and S. Narendra Prasad (2009) Changes in structural attributes of plant communities along disturbance gradients in a dry deciduous forest of Western Ghats, India. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment,155: 393-405

Shijo Joseph, K. Anitha and M. S. R. Murthy (2009) Forest fire in India – A review of the knowledge base. Journal of Forest Research, 14: 127-134

Shijo Joseph and Anitha K (2009) Disturbance, Diversity and Stability Ecological Systems – the need for a uniform hypothesis Current Science 97: pp 142-143.

Anitha K. and S. Narendra Prasad (2007) Mass flowering and pollinators of Strobilanthes consanguinea Current Science 92:1680-1681.

Anitha K. S. Narendra Prasad and Shijo Joseph (2007) Meeting report based on Ecosummit 2007 “Ecological Complexity and sustainability: Challenges and opportunities for 21st centaury”. Current Science 93: pp 600-601.

Anitha K, Shijo Joseph and S. Narendra Prasad (2008) Strobilanthes: Promising Indigenous ornamental plants from Western Ghats, India. In: Underutilised horticultural crops. (Ed) Peter K V. New India Publishing Agency, New Delhi

Shijo Joseph and Anitha K (in press) Assessment of forest fire in India – A geospatial outlook towards data availability and adaptive management. Patro L. R (ed.) Biodiversity conservation and management (Invited paper)

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