• The organization

    Conservation Research Group (CRG) based at the St. Albert’s College, Kochi, which has been in the forefront of research and outreach activities in biodiversity conservation in the Western Ghats Hotspot is now the Center for Research in Global Change and Sustainability (CRGCS).
  • Science

    The Western Ghats is one of the eight ‘Hottest Hotspots’ of biological diversity. It contains more than 30% of all plant and vertebrate species found in India, in less than 6% of the country’s landmass. It is also recognized as one among the 200 globally most important ecoregion.
  • Traditional Knowledge

    Western Ghats is home to a large number of tribal communities living in close proximity with biodiversely rich landscapes, having evolved location specific and innovative livelihood strategies based on their traditional knowledge.
  • Awareness and Capacity Building

    Involving stakeholders in decisions making is vital for developing and implementing successful conservation plans. We at CRGCS believe that hard science is not the only way to save species and ecosystems.
  • Generation next

    Life-long attitudes and behaviors towards nature are based in large part on childhood experiences. CRGCS works on education programs that encourage a general interest in nature, generate sensitivity to environmental issues and disseminate important information on nature and natural resources.

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