Lavanchawee Sujarittanonta

I am currently the Assistant Director for International Relations & Promotion for the Institute for Sufficiency Economy Research and Promotion (ISERP), Chiang Mai University, Thailand. My interest in environmental conservation started since 1997 when I attended Yale University’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and completed a master degree in international environmental law and policy. I subsequently worked on economic growth and environmental protection with the UNDP followed by work on the Montreal protocol at the World Bank in 1998.
I also have two Master of Arts degrees, one in Regional studies – Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia (Transition Economics) from the Harvard University and a second one in Government (International Relations) from Georgetown University- Washington. In 2008, I completed a PhD in Marketing (Strategy and Management) from University of New South Wales, Australia. I collaborate with CRGCS in areas of environmental economics, trade in endangered and endemic wildlife/fish – its biophysical and socioeconomic impacts and also with regard to policies and legislations concerning biodiversity conservation.

Selected Publications
R. Raghavan, G. Prasad, A. Ali, B. Pereira & L. Sujarittanonta 2009Damsel in distress – the tale of Miss Kerala, Puntius denisonii (Day) an endemic and endangered cyprinid of Western Ghats biodiversity hotspot, India Aquatic Conservation – Marine and Freshwater ecosystems 19(1): 67-74

R. Raghavan, M. Tlusty, G. Prasad, B. Pereira, A. Ali & L. Sujarittanonta 2007. Should endemic and threatened ornamental fishes of Western Ghats biodiversity hotspot be captive bred for international trade? Current Science 93(9): 1211-1213

R. Raghavan,G. Prasad, A. Ali & L. Sujarittanonta 2007. ‘Boom and Bust Fishery’ in a Biodiversity Hotspot – Is the Western Ghats (South India) losing its most celebrated ornamental fish, Puntius denisonii, Day? Current Science 92(12): 1671-1672

L. Sujarittanonta & R. Raghavan 2007 Conservation of endemic and endangered freshwater fishes of Western Ghats biodiversity hotspot, Kerala, India–Concept of protected areas and ecotourism Proceedings of Annual Seminar of Multiple Cropping Center (MCC), Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, Thailand p 183-194.

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