Mithun Sukumaran

I completed a BSc degree in Zoology (with Aquaculture as specialization) from St. Aloysius College, Edathua (Kerala-India) and an MSc degree in Aquatic Biology & Fisheries at the University of Kerala, (Trivandrum-India). Since leaving University, I worked as a research fellow at NSS College, Pandalam on a project related to 'biodiversity assessment, nutritional status and economic evaluation of non-target species wasted by trawlers in the fishing harbors of Kerala'. I am currently back to school and based at the Institute for Tropical Aquaculture, Universiti Terangannu Malaysia, (Kuala Terangannu, Malaysia) working with Tiger Groupers and their larviculture management.

Selected Publications

1. Biju Kumar A., Susheel Kumar M., Deepthi G.R. & S. Mithun, 2007. Sea snakes associated with trawl by catch of kerala coast, India, Cobra, Jan-Mar, 1-4.

2. Mithun, S., K. Dhevendaran & Y.K. Anithakumari, 2006. Studies on the occurrence of antagonistic Streptomycetes in fish (Channa striata, Bloch, 1793) and sediments of Hymavathy pond and their influence on the growth kinetics and conversion studies in fish, (Xiphophorus maculatus, Gunther, 1866). International Conference On Ornamental Fish Breeding, Farming And Trade. 5th and 6th February 2006.

3. Biju Kumar A., K.R. Sivapriya & S. Mithun, 2006. Hermit Crabs of Kerala Coast, with special reference to Morphometric relations between Diogenes miles (HERBST) and its host shell Olivancillaria gibbosa (BORN). Millennium Zoology, 7 (1), 18-23.

4. Mithun Sukumaran, Anuar B. Hassan, M. Effendy A.W & H.Y. Siang, 2007. Probiotics; methods of selection of a probiont in aquaculture. 8th Asian Fisheries Forum, Cochin, Kerala, India. 20th to 23rd November 2007.

5. Anuar B. Hassan, Sarmila B. Zainal & Mithun Sukumaran, 2007. Studies on the yolk absorption, mouth development and start of feeding of patin (pangasius sutchi) larvae. 8th Asian Fisheries Forum. Cochin, Kerala, India. 20th to 23rd November 2007.

6. Anuar Bin Hassan, Nurhidayah, B.M.R. & Mithun Sukumaran, 2007. Study on the induced breeding of Patin bunga (pangasius sutchi) using pituitary extract replacing ovaprim. 8th Asian Fisheries Forum. Cochin, Kerala, India. 20th to 23rd November 2007.

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