Radhakrishnan K. V.

After completing my Master’s Degree in Industrial Fisheries from the Cochin University of Science and Technology (Kochi-India), I worked as a Senior Research Fellow (SRF) in the World Bank aided National Agriculture Technology - Indian Council of Agriculture Research Project on Germpalsm Inventory, Evaluation and Gene Banking of Freshwater fishes of Kerala for a period of five years. This also contributed to my doctoral degree.Subsequently, I joined the Post Graduate Department and Research Centre of Aquaculture and Fishery Microbiology at M.E.S Ponnnai college as a Lecturer.

I have a wide range of research interests from taxonomy, ecology, biology to stock assessments of freshwater fishes. I was honored with the ‘best young scientist award’ by the Kerala Sate Council for Science and Technology, in the year 2005. As a result of my sampling surveys in 25 river systems of Western Ghats, I could discover 9 new fish species, 4 new records from Kerala and 14 new extension ranges of fishes.

Presently I am a Post Doctoral Fellow at the Institute of Hydrobiology (IHB), Chinese Academy of Sciences, China with scholarships from the China Post Doctoral Foundation and the Young Foreign Scientist Fellowship. My research at IHB is focused on 'otoliths' and its application in various aspects of fish life history such as age and growth, recruitment, migration and stock determination. I am also engaged in projects related to ecological problems of Yangtze River including exotic invasion. .


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