Shijo Joseph

I am an environmental biologist with research interest in ecosystem analysis, environmental biophysics, remote sensing, GIS and modeling. I am particularly interested in areas such as mechanistic characterization of diversity, carbon flux assessment, dynamic global vegetation modelling (DGVM) and climate change studies. I graduated from the School of Environmental Sciences, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, India with a Master’s in Environmental Management and subsequently completed an MPhil in Environmental & Atmospheric Sciences. I am currently associating with the research activities of the same school upon completion of my PhD research in compositional and functional attributes of tropical plant communities.
I have received training from India’s premier research institutes including the National Remote Sensing Centre (ISRO), Wildlife Institute of India (WII) and the Center for Earth Science Studies (CESS) as well as institutes in UK (University of Southampton), Poland (University of Warsaw), Sweden (Lund University) and the Netherlands (International Institute for Geo-information Science and Earth Observation). Results of my work carried out in the tropical forests of Western Ghats have been published in peer reviewed national and international journals and presented at international gatherings. I have also received an ERASMUS MUNDUS scholarship from the European Union for undertaking master’s degree in Earth Observation and Environmental Modelling.

Selected Publications
Shijo Joseph & P. P Ouseph. Assessment of nutrients using multivariate statistical techniques in estuarine systems and its management implications – A case study from Cochin Estuary, South west coast of India, Water and Environment Journal In Press

Shijo Joseph, G. A. Blackburn, B. Gharai, S. Sudhakar, A. P. Thomas & M. S. R. Murthy. Monitoring conservation effectiveness in a global biodiversity hotspot: the contribution of land covers change assessment, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. In Press

Shijo Joseph & Anitha K 2009 Disturbance, diversity and stability of ecological systems - the need for a uniform hypothesis. Current Science 97(2): 142-143.

Shijo Joseph, Anitha K & M. S. R. Murthy. 2009. Forest fire in India – A review of the knowledge base, Journal of Forest Research 14(3): 127-134.

Anitha K, Shijo Joseph & S. N. Prasad. 2009. Changes in structural attributes of plant communities along disturbance gradients in a dry deciduous forest of Western Ghats, India, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 155(1-4): 393-405.  

Shijo Joseph, C. Sudhakar Reddy, Chiranjibi Pattanaik & S. Sudhakar 2008. Distribution of plant communities along climatic and topographic gradients in Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary, India, Biological Letters 45 (1): 29-41.

Shijo Joseph, M. Haseeb, P. P.  Abhilash and P. P. Ouseph 2008 Water and Sediment Quality Assessment of Cochin Estuary, South West Coast of India, Indian Journal of Environmental Sciences 12(1): 77-81.

Anitha K., S. N. Prasad & Shijo Joseph. 2007. Ecological Complexity and sustainability: Challenges and opportunities for 21st century”. Current Science 93:600-601.

Shijo Joseph, A. P Thomas, R. Satheesh and R. Sugathan. 2007 Foraging ecology and relative abundance of Large Carnivores in Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Southern India, Zoos Print Journal,  22 (5): 2667 – 2670

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